Keeping the diamond in Bandung's oldest hospital shines brightly


Immanuel Hospital Bandung has been well-known for its achievements as a prestigious educational hospital, bringing out quality doctors and medical experts across the country and beyond, while striving to provide the best healthcare services for its patients. ISS Indonesia is there to help the diamond in the 110-year-old hospital shines brightly.

It is no wonder that Immanuel Hospital Bandung seek continuous development and
innovation on how it operates. For this oldest hospital in Bandung City, West
Java, patient’s health always becomes a priority, while it keeps maintaining
the education quality for its medical students.

Those are just some the same values of the client and ISS Indonesia share, where customer comes first. Within almost two decades of ISS Indonesia’s strong partnership on cleaning services with the hospital, we thrive to deliver good performance in
supporting the client’s missions and vision, as well as bringing innovation on our cleaning services.

I see improvements from all stakeholders, including from Immanuel Hospital internally and also ISS, where every individual can contribute with good performances and good communication, supported with better infrastructure and through the application of technology.

Ruly Sjambali, President Director, Immanuel Hospital Bandung

At Immanuel Hospital Bandung, we have been providing cleaning services which consist of general cleaning, integrated pest management, gardening, laundry, and this year we have also added technical services for the client. Delivered by around 120 of our people who care, we strive to develop our people through continuous learning, sharing knowledge and insights together with the client, as well as bringing solutions through technology innovation and service excellence.

 Toilet traffic counter, for instance. This ISS Indonesia’s self-developed technology allows us to save time and energy in controlling the traffic of visitors going in and out of restrooms. The technology is able to detect people with its heat body censor, where it then notifies our team within every 30 visitors. It also equipped with a smart button to alert our team, in case any visitors have incidents or difficulties in the restroom.

 To contribute more to the client’s better business performance, our team always ensures that the Bed Occupancy Rate (BOR) is well-maintained. Our team quickly responses to the order taker system that notifies them whenever a medical ward needs to be cleaned up and to be prepared for the next patients.

 “Our performance will affect the client’s performance. Immanuel Hospital Bandung is very innovative and open to something new, and this is what also drives us to optimise our IoT programmes for the client, as we share the same values to support the client’s vision,” says Opik Yulianti, ISS Indonesia’s Operation Head Bandung for Small and Medium Key Accounts.

Beyond technology, human characters are what ISS Indonesia strives to develop. Besides service attitudes, our team also maintains good communication with the client and its customers. Both Immanuel Hospital Bandung and ISS Indonesia believe that the people quality is one of the main keys in our long-lasting partnership.

Opik admits, “As our biggest site in Bandung City, where we have also been partnering for a long time, this is actually the biggest challenges for us. We will work consistently to avoid complacency, to continuously being responsive and proactive, and keep on learning new things for more innovation.”

For Immanuel Hospital Bandung, its hospital is like a big diamond that can shine brightly because of the small diamonds that form a unity as its light. ISS Indonesia has been part of the diamond, striving to contribute and to support the client for greater efficiency and sustainability, delivering the best for its patients and in healthcare industry.


Integrity that brings trust to manage vaccination event


Indosat Ooredoo gave our IFS team a mandate to organise a 2-day vaccination event for their subsidiaries and business partners. We had only one full day to prepare. This means a trust we must not take for granted. As a result, out of 5 days Indosat held the vaccination, the client added one more day for our team to be involved in managing the event.

As the world has been attempting to build herd immunity, a greater number of people are targeted to be Covid-19 vaccinated. In Indonesia, companies are part of the supporters and striving to protect their people through vaccination.

One of ISS Indonesia’s biggest key account customers, PT Indosat Tbk or known as Indosat Ooredoo, held a vaccination event within 5 days in late May to early June 2021. At first, our integrated facility services (IFS) team at Indosat headquarter was appointed to support in organising the client’s event on the third and fourth day of the event, after the client organised it in-house on the first 2 days.

We appreciate that they were all discipline, they understood their roles and had proven their integrity. All command was well-delivered and well-executed with ISS’s single point of contact, which had also made the people flow could be managed smoothly. 

Dony Darmawan, AVP Head of Security, PT Indosat Tbk.

It was not the first time for our team to be involved in the client’s event management, but to organise a mass event during pandemic requires a well-thought-out effort to
avoid people gather in crowds and ensure that the health protocol is applied. However, the crucial challenge our team had to deal with was in fact on data processing of the vaccination participants.

 “The data we received was a raw one and kept changing. We then compiled and processed the data, arranged the schedule for a number of participants within an hour and the next hours. This was very important to create a well-arranged vaccination event,” said Gunawan, ISS Indonesia’s Key Account Manager for Indosat.

Noticing that our expertise focuses on experience management, the telecommunication industry client also has a deep trust on us, as we bring high standards to contribute to their better business performance that delivered by our people who care.

Out of more than our 220 people at the site, at least 15 of them were in charge during the event. They were mainly responsible for the participants registration, the flow
of the people and bringing safety to around 1,400 vaccination-registered people
in a day, at the site. As a result of the team’s performance, we were again trusted
on the last day of vaccination, where we collaborated with some of the client’s partners to organise the event.

“Indosat sees us as a partner with big resources and that we are capable and experienced in people management. Besides, we have proven agility which in this case, is through our ability to learn and to adapt quickly,” Gunawan added.

Within our partnership with Indosat since 2018, today, more than 700 of our placemakers spread at the client’s sites to deliver IFS and bring peace of mind, as we are committed to support and give values to Indosat’s missions and purpose.


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